Olive harvest is considered one of the most critical stages of olive cultivation for olive oil production. For this reason it is collected with great care and the necessary selection of olives is made that are suitable for the creation of an extra virgin olive oil. While the transfer to the olive mill is done on the same day to have an olive oil with the best quality characteristics.




The olive is then crushed by mechanical means which are made from approved, certified materials in order to extract its precious oil. Each batch is measured to determine the acidity of the oil produced to offer the best quality. Olive oil is stored in special tanks under controlled conditions.



According to studies from clinical research, olive oil has been shown to contribute in the best way to the human body. Helps prevent and protect the body from many diseases. Those who consume olive oil regularly are less likely to develop cardiovascular problems. At the same time, research has shown that consuming olive oil reduces the chances of developing breast cancer. It contributes to the function of various organs of the body such as the liver and bile while increasing good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol. For this reason, its consumption is an important ally for health.